Club History

The Old York Garden Club was established and federated in 1932.

Our objectives are to stimulate knowledge and love of gardening; to aid in the protection of native plants, trees and wildlife; to encourage civic planting; and, to participate in activities voted in by the club.

We have many committees, including Civic Development, Youth Education, Horticulture, Programs and Scholarship, just to name a few.

Club Affiliations

June 1930, a call was sent to the nine known garden clubs in Maine, inviting members to attend a meeting to consider a garden federation. The meeting was held at the Portland home of Mrs. Walter B. Brockway, President of Longfellow Garden Club, who attended the first annual meeting of the National Council of State Garden Clubs—later to be called National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC)—in Chicago. The Garden Club Federation of Maine (GCFM) was organized June 3, 1931 at Camden, with eight charter clubs and four more clubs interested. On June 7, 1932, the GCFM affiliated with NGC at their third annual convention in Boston.